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Professionals, Be more than now !!! Do not compromise !!!

This is the motto behind the launch of CRB Tech Sigma. CRB Tech Sigma is an online 360° solution that serves as a bridge that links your existing professional experience and academic qualification to your desired job profile.

We form the missing link for your dream career !!! Join CRB Tech Sigma and be free from a career compromise...


  1. Resume Refining:

    Career experts at CRB Tech Sigma will help refine your resume to bring forth the traits in you gained during your existing work experience and academics. We help you design your resume in such a manner, that would make your till date experience count. Take your career profile to the next level with us !

    Getting a job in your core field is now made easy!

  2. Learn Anytime, Anywhere:

    “I do not have time” is no more an excuse for professionals who are looking for a job in their core-domain.

    CRB Tech Sigma offers you an online platform that provides you with no-time bound learning with our study material. Now you can gain knowledge anytime, anywhere with no time limit.

    Take your career to the next level with our timeless learning facility.

  3. We Make Your Experience Count:

    You just focus on the skill upgradation part as we make your current work experience count. Team CRB Tech Sigma will find traits in your current profile and make them match with lucrative job offers.

    Your CORE KNOWLEDGE + CURRENT EXPERIENCE + SIGMA Training = Core domain Jobs for you.

    We make it count !!!

  4. 3 Days Prior Pre-Interview Preparation:

    Company specific pre-interview preparation orientation session is specially arranged for the Sigma members, 3 days prior to the day of the interview. It consists of all the information specific to the recruiting company. Details such as company profile, pattern of the questions that could be asked during the interview and all the necessary things, are shared with them. Tips are also shared on how to highlight their traits during the interview, in sync with the job profile.

  5. Unlimited Placement Calls:

    Every CRB Tech Sigma professional would get unlimited placement calls and a 100% placement assistance.

  6. Trainer Interaction (“Raise a ticket and get a call”):

    Raise a ticket and get a call from our trainers. They will clear all your concepts, queries etc.

    Thus, SIGMA members have the benefit to interact with trainers anytime.

  7. Who all can benefit:

    Professionals working in domains other than their core ones, are the ones who can benefit the most with CRB Tech Sigma. That includes those with an educational background of pure sciences, IT, Engineering etc.

    Now, carry your current EXPERIENCE + EDUCATION to your desired job profile with CRB Tech SIGMA!!!


1. Will my existing work experience be counted even if it is not relevant ?

Yes, we will make your work experience count. Be it of any kind.

2. I am a fresher. Am I eligible for this program ?

No, only professionals with any sort of work experience are eligible for this program.

3. What about the study material? Will it be available online ?

Yes, you will get all the study material online.

4. How will I get to know about the upcoming interviews ?

You will get all the desired information regarding this, via E-mail,SMS and Login notification on CRB Tech Sigma.

5. Will I get a job in my core domain ?

Yes, taking into account your educational background and current work experience, you would be provided with job opportunities in your core domain.

6. What is the number of interview calls I will be getting ?

Every registered CRB Tech Sigma member would be getting unlimited interview calls till one year.

7. What do I need to do to interact with the trainers ?

After login into CRB Tech Sigma, you can raise a support ticket with the question, so the trainer will give you call back.

8. How can I register for CRB Tech Sigma ?

You need to visit CRB Tech Sigma website and follow the instructions.

9. Is this a time bound program ?

You need not worry as this program is not a time bound one. That allows you to learn anytime anywhere, with the help of our online knowledge base. .

10. What is the eligibility criteria for this program ?

Professionals working in domains other than their core ones, are the ones who can benefit the most with CRB Tech Sigma. That includes those with an educational background of pure sciences, IT, Engineering etc.

11. What are the various payment modes available ?

You can pay via various modes such as:

  • Online Payment
  • Credit Card EMI Options - Trainees can choose an EMI option using their credit card.
  • Loan options - Students can avail loan options.

12. Can I get any financial assistance ?

We will assist you on the loan and EMI options.

13. Which are the companies I will get a job in ?

We are associated with 350+ MNC and MLC companies.

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