Get all round training in every aspect related to campus recruitment along with 24X7 support.


No limit on placement calls for a duration of one year.


An opportunity to get certified in any one of the upcoming or latest technologies.


Get access to all the benefits CHAMP has to offer, with just a LOGIN ID and Password.

CRB Tech Sigma

This is the motto behind the launch of CRB Tech Sigma. CRB Tech Sigma is an online 360° solution that serves as a bridge that links your existing professional experience and academic qualification to your desired job profile.

We form the missing link for your dream career !!! Join CRB Tech Sigma and be free from a career compromise...


What is CRBtech Sigma – Online Training Programme

Sigma is an intensive online 360° learning programme of CRBtech; launched with the aim to mold the candidates for campus recruitment drives. CRBtech Sigma helps in providing the candidates with the desired skill-set that would help them to crack the toughest of campus interviews.

Other benefits offered to the Sigmas include, Unlimited Placement Calls for a year, become a part of the Privileged Placement Drives, Certification in any one of the Advanced Technologies and a special Campus Display ID for identification at campus drives

All this under one roof called CRBtech Sigma.

What You Get

360° Learning With 24X7 Support

Certification in Advanced Technologies

Exhaustive All round Training for Campus Recruitment

Technical Learning for Industry Requirement

Pre-Campus Preparation

Unlimited Placement Calls For A Year

Resume Building Preparation, GDPI Sessions

Trainer Interaction (“Raise a ticket and get a call”)

Interactive Workshops with HR

Privileged Placement Drives

Campus ID & Display (Get a feel of being special !!!)

All these things at fingertip

Who We Are?

CRBtech has come up with a one of its kind 360° online solution for campus placements, in the form of Sigma. The objective of this online training programme is to help candidates crack the toughest of campus interviews. SIGMA prepares them for the same to make them stand out. Under the Sigma campus recruitment preparation programme, various essential aspects like resume building, pre-campus preparation workshops, technical learning etc. are covered. This ensures all round preparation of the candidates and helps them to face the campus recruitment drives with confidence. In addition, they benefit from unlimited placement calls for a year, HR and trainer interaction, advanced certification and a campus display ID which is provided to them. Getting hired at campus drives is now made easy with CRBtech SIGMA !!!


Yes, we will make your work experience count. Be it of any kind.
No, only professionals with any sort of work experience are eligible for this program.
Yes, you will get all the study material online.
You will get all the desired information regarding this, via E-mail,SMS and Login notification on CRB Tech Sigma.
Yes, taking into account your educational background and current work experience, you would be provided with job opportunities in your core domain.
Every registered CRB Tech Sigma member would be getting unlimited interview calls till one year.
After login into CRB Tech Sigma, you can raise a support ticket with the question, so the trainer will give you call back.
You need to visit CRB Tech Sigma website and follow the instructions.
You need not worry as this program is not a time bound one. That allows you to learn anytime anywhere, with the help of our online knowledge base. .
Professionals working in domains other than their core ones, are the ones who can benefit the most with CRB Tech Sigma. That includes those with an educational background of pure sciences, IT, Engineering etc.
You can pay via various modes such as:
  • Online Payment
  • Credit Card EMI Options - Trainees can choose an EMI option using their credit card.
  • Loan options - Students can avail loan options.
We will assist you on the loan and EMI options.
We are associated with 350+ MNC and MLC companies.

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